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Garrison Institute Emerging Research Symposium 

You can catch Andrew Villamil at The Emerging Research Symposium 01/15/2022 


Together we will create a space that encourages researchers to lean into the future of their research and encourages investigators to consider how their work may emerge into generative action one day.

In accounting for the core pillars of the Garrison Institute which include, awareness-based contemplative wisdom, the science of interconnection,  generative action, and collective healing. we hope to build upon the foundation of yesterday. Our presenters will share findings from their Research today in order to find the answers for tomorrow. 


You can catch Andrew Villamil at Wisdom 2.0 3/27/2021 @ 10a.m. 


we seek to re-orient our normalized definition of technology, with the aim of considering how this understanding has impacted our current confines of its utilization.   The current systemic views of technology have created a disturbing byproduct that technology is a vessel for exclusion. These negative consequences create deficits in the systemic benefits of inclusion. Therefore, we must ask ourselves, is technology separate from us?  How does our systemic understanding of technology limit our collective ability to imagine its possibilities and limit our possibilities?  

Through the lens of Social Justice and an inclusive healing framework we seek to disrupt the agency and power of what is considered technology. We will explore preconceived ideas and definitions to address how individuals can become disruptors within technology.  We can create transformative systemic change through Evidence Based Interventions.  Join us to explore how knowledge, contemplative awareness, and aspects of integration can bring healing and inclusion into complex systems, creating change within— and in turn—each other. 

Breakout session facilitated by Dr. Dan Siegel, panelists include Dr. Sará King,  Jackie Ivy, Selma Møller, and Andrew Villamil. 


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